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Healthy Children, a Healthy You!

The benefits of seafood to children and young adults include, clearer skin, better mood, staying in shape and strong bones!

  • Clear skin The nutrients in oil-rich fish such as mackerel or herring will help to keep skin clear, hair shiny and eyes bright.

  • Happiness Eating well can have a positive effect on moods - even for teenagers! Scientists have also found that eating seafood can lower the risk of depression.

  • Staying in shape Not only is seafood delicious, it's also one of the least fattening forms of protein and minerals. Eating lean white fish such as cod and haddock will keep children at the right weight, boost their immunity and help to convert food into energy.

  • Strong bones Calcium is the most abundant mineral in our bones so it's important to include calcium-rich foods such as seafood in our diets and it's particularly important for little people growing up! Seafood helps to build stronger bones for kids, both now and later in life.

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